Yo Buffalo, Can You Spare Some Snow?

Yo Buffalo!!! Can you spare are little pow pow for us Cali peeps who haven’t seen real snow in what seems like forever? I know you all from New York get a bad rap from others. You know, like your loud, full of yourself and think your state is the best.

I chuckle at all the stereotypes being thrown around. But ya gotta admit some of the stereotypes are pretty close to being real now, huh? You probably even know a few people like that. We certainly have our stereotypes as well.

But that is also what I like about you. You can laugh at yourself and as we know, everyone else too. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Well I thought so.

But c’mon, do you really need bucket loads and bucket loads of snow? This is even a lot by your standards and lets’ face it, there’s not a whole lot you can do with that much fluff when it gets that crazy now is there?

Too Much Snow

Too Much Snow – Slate.com

Snowmobiling? Not gonna happen. I know how skinny cross country skis are, so fa-getta-about-it. “Honey, I’m going ice fishing”…are the lakes even frozen yet?

So there you are and here we are. You are the 99% since you gotten probably 99% of the snow that has fallen in the U.S. this year. Which is just re-donk-u-lous!!!! We aren’t even the 1%’ers here.

What do we have that you want? Crab season just opened here. Sounds tasty, huh? Especially with the Holiday coming up. Yum! You got any kids? We’ve got Disneyland 🙂 How about something for the outdoorsy folks?

Most of our killer mountain biking terrain is still wide open and ready to rip. And actually, with a few sprinkles lately to mat down all the dust, the conditions are actually great.

And for crying out loud, I learned to ski at that little powder keg of a

No Mail Today

No Mail Today – Boston.com

resort in Clymer, NY the fabled Peek’n Peak. My first lift ride up the hill was the J Bar. That was interesting of course and once I got that down, I graduated to ride the T Bar up with my cousin.

The one thing I do know about residents of the Empire State, they are givers & take care of their own. So in this regard, I know you’ll help us out.

Can we give you an IOU? Don’t worry we are good for it, just ask our politicians.