Winter Jacket & Gear Sales Start Early

GoLite Kenai Pertex Jacket Sale

GoLite Kenai Pertex - 60% Off

With the lack of snow and even the lack of cold weather in many regions so far, the 2011-12 skiing and snowboarding season has gotten off to a subpar start. Hand in hand with people not going out to play on the mountain, understandably so, they also have not been frequenting the winter apparel and gear retailers.

So with the almost half season long low snow conditions, many retailers have an unusually high inventory right now. Many ski and snowboard apparel and gear sellers are now beginning to discount some of their stock.

Usually, the current season jacket and pant sales do not usually start until the end of February. Not this season however. And for you the customer, this means you will be seeing some very good prices on the current 2011-12 stock.

Mountain Hardware Compressor - 40% Off

Mountain Hardware Compressor - 40% Off

So far, we’ve already shown you this season’s Patagonia going for 30% off  and the newest helmets listed at 20% off. (See our home page as these sales are still going on).

Now, there’s a GoLite Blow Out sale with some items up to 70% Off and some Mountain Hardware gear discountedby 40%.

These are Black Friday & Cyber Monday types of bargains that are going to be hard to top. For those that have been waiting on the skiing and snowboarding deals to drop, you are going to be in for some good fortune.