Why You Will Ski More This Season

Breckenridge Powder DaySo here we are in early October with the 2011-12 Ski and Snowboard season is already underway.

Wolf Creek was able to open last weekend after getting a 3 foot dump a few days before.

“The Race to Open” is still ongoing between the un-bitter rivals Arapahoe Basin and Loveland. One of them is still trying to claim the title of the first ski area to be open 7 days a week. That is, unless Wolf Creek decides to punk them again.

Summer, whatever that was this year, is over. But after last season’s blowout of a snow year, you were so pumped all Summer that you got yourself into fantastic shape. You haven’t felt this good in years. You probably didn’t run, bike, pump iron, row or anything like that. Like everybody else, you crossfitted!  You vowed that if it snowed half as much this year that you still weren’t going to miss this season.

Well, lucky for you, She. May. Be. Back. Yes, She may.  And let me tell you, I will admit, that at this time last year if I heard someone mention La Nina one more time that I was gonna do something. I never figured out what, but I was gonna do it!

And then it happened. It began to snow. Mid season conditions existed right after Christmas in Tahoe. Not only that, but the snow was some of the driest and best snow that I had ever skied there. It was really, really good.

I was not ready for it, as my skis were only 101mm underfoot. Last season, I for the first time, and a person who had always gravitated towards the skinnier skis, found out what all the excitement was about concerning fatter skis or even powder skis. I am now a convert and can fully appreciate having  powder skis in the quiver.

Enough about me, so let’s get back to you. Now that you know that She may be back, you have more incentive not to let all your hard work over the Summer go to waste. You need to plan your workouts accordingly for the shorter days ahead, mix in a few more salad’s and have one or two less for last call.

Much of the West had received snow last week, just as Wolf Creek was getting unloaded on. No, the floodgates aren’t open, but it is still a little bit early. Many forecasters have already announced that there may be some similar patterns this Fall and early Winter as it was for last year. That means snowfall Northstar Powder Daymy friend. So the carrot is now dangling in front of you and you can see it clearly.

You were probably in one of two camps last year. The first camp, let ‘s call it High Camp, being the ones that saw the pow and couldn’t get enough of it, let alone get tired of it. You skied. You snowboarded. You skied. You snowboarded. Yes, you did and still couldn’t get enough of it. Wake up. Check snow report. Go rip. Repeat.

Okay, so maybe you weren’t in the High Camp. You must have been in the Base Camp group. You heard the stories. You weren’t bitter and were genuinely excited for your ski bros and wanted to hear about the sickest lines. You watched the news clips of the madness in the mountains. But something just wasn’t clicking. You weren’t then and still aren’t sure why you didn’t get more days on the hill. That’s the way it goes some times, doesn’t it?

For those of you High Campers, you are probably beside yourself thinking that back-to-backers like this may never happen again in your lifetime. This is gonna be some of the best two years of your ski life. You aren’t going to miss this year and you know what, you had such a rowdy time last season, you are going to ski more this season!

For you Base Campers, here’s your “Second Chance”, your “Do Over” or your “Mulligan’. You are going to be the ones telling ski and snowboard stories this year at work. You are going to be the one answering the question, “so really, ….how deep was it?”. Let’s face it, you (as was I) was a little skeptical about all that La Nina this and La Nina that chatter that was going on ad nauseam. But now you know the deal, “Fool me once, man…”. And this my friend, is why you will ski more this season!


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