Who’s Ready For Skiing or Snowboarding in 2011-12?

Snowbasin - BestSkiSales.comC’mon, first the Powder mag came, then Freeskier and now SKI. What, tomorrow TransWorld Snowboarding?

All those skis, boots, goggles and pics of last year’s magnificent snowfall and I’m just sitting here surfing the net looking for ski & snowboard deals waiting on Fall to arrive. Enough already!!!

Coincidentaly, with all of the Winter thoughts that I had going on,  it was time yesterday to blow the leaves off the patio for the first time. Also, last week a new Diamondback Sortie mountain bike arrived, so I will be using that in the upcoming months to prepare for the season.

I am mentally getting ready for Winter and am trying in the meantime to deal with it the best way I know how, by watchin’ ski and snowboard videos.


Have you seen Retallack yet? Looks pretty rad.


Then there’ this Jeremy Jones fella that’s just unreal. You need to watch this flick if you haven’t already.