Where Can I Buy Discounted Ski Gear?

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I am glad Outside Magazine asked this question, since I definitely have the answer. It is right here!

Since 2010, I have been trying to find the best deals on skis and snowboards available on the web. You can find great deals at ski swaps, craigslist.com and your local ski & snowboard shop and we encourage you to do so.

However, the ski swaps & craigslist deals are usually on used equipment. Whereas the BestSkiSales notifications are primarily new items from online retailers.

My primary concern is to help you make informed decisions so you have a clear conscience after you have made your ski or snowboard purchase. You should know and feel that you got a good deal (ie: savings) and do not suffer from buyers remorse.

If you are wondering when the best time to buy a pair of skis or snowboard is, well, it is right now before Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Ski and snowboard prices are only going to go up as the season is getting underway.

And we have a dedicated page, just for Black Friday & Cyber Monday skiing & snowboarding deals.


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