What’s New For ON3P Skis?


Portland based Independent ski manufacturer ON3P steps into the 2011-12 ski season with some fine accolades as they’ve already garnered a few awards. In Powder magazine’s 2012 Skier’s Choice issue, the ON3P Caylor’s had a top 5 finish in the All Mountain category.

The freestyling Caylor’s dimensions are a stout 148-120-140 and have a medium – stiff flex. Landing huge air’s and straightlining afterwards are not going to be a problem with these boards. A Powder mag tester mentioned that the ON3P’s “effortlessly bouncing, smashing and swiveling on command”.

ON3P Pillow Fight

Also offered are the Caylor Lite, which is basically the same as above, but a little more forgiving. These skis are geared to those less demanding and lighter skiers.

ON3P’s Wrenegade also made the magazine list in Freeskier in the Micro-Brew category. Re-designed for 2011-12, the Wrenegade received some tweaks to the tips and tails. These effects took the ski from a park oriented all mountain ski, and placed it firmly into the all mountain category. By the remarks of the Freeskier testers, I think ON3P made some good decisions on the Wrenegade.

As for ON3P’s off season, they have moved into a new shop, which is approximately three times the size of their previous one. They’ve also added a Reichmenn belt grinder, introduced all new molds and have tweaked a number of stations in the shop.

ON3P's New Factory

But, as owner Scott Andrus said “compared to the last two seasons, which were complete shop rebuilds each time, it was minor.  And for the space we were in, we’ve done pretty well. So we are excited to have the space we need to expand.”

In addition to the space, ON3P has added an employee, previously an intern, Duncan MacDiarmid as a full time engineer. And Duncan probably will be extremely valuable as Scott is expecting ON3P sales to rise somewhere between 50-60% this year.

ON3P has some new models for 2011-12 and first up is the Pillowfight – 186 & 196ccm, 153-135-142.  The Pillowfight is a full width carbon, super rockered, 135mm underfoot pow ski that was the “drunken brainchild” of production manager Rowen Tych,and team members Josh Anderson and David Steele in response to the question – “what is your ultimate powder ski?”  This is a Limited Edition, 15 models of per side, each with its own unique topsheet from our pillowfight photoshoot (more on the photoshoot).  Scott think this is a super fun ski.

Next up is the Jeffrey, which is a modification of the original Jeronimo that was made in Tacoma.  It is 186cm, 108mm underfoot, and is an All-Mountain jib ski.  It is a great everyday ski for someone looking to get creative on natural features, but also wants to stability to rip around at speed.  It will be your choice of ski when the snow is just so so and you are hunting for soft spots and trying to find ways to get creative.

The Filthy Rich is 118-88-118 181 and replaces the Blue Steele and features both an elliptical sidecut and rocker profile.  This creates a ski that is comfortable and won’t be catchy at speed going straight in and out of jumps, but once you lay it overand engage the sidecut, it carves super smooth.  “We are really excited for how it skis and think park skiers are going to be very stoked on it this season.”

Some other changes and updates to the ON3P brand is that every model got our new elliptical rocker profile.  Last year ON3P used a bi-radius rocker profile, but now everything is one elliptical curve and it busts through crud better, planes faster and easier in powder, and allows for the effective edge within the rocker portion of the ski to engage more smoothly and naturally on hardpack.  Scott adds that “We’ve been talking about it for awhile and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

For the popular Billy Goat a 191cm version has been added. And for the Cease & Desist, a total sidecut redesign and increase rocker length helps to make the ski a lot better in both powder and hardpack.
The Jeronimo also received a  186cm length and got a flex profile redesign to be slightly rounder flex profile overall.  Also, for the Vicik the camber has been decrease and the tips got a more snark-nosed shape and the flex profile got a slight redesign to make it softer and rounder.ON3P Demo Fleet

As for the Wrenegade, ON3P removed the 1/2 twin and added the extra length to a new elongated, shark nosed tip.  The 181cm version was redesigned so that it maintained the same turning radius as the 191cm.  The old Wrenegade design was super stable, but the new one takes it up a notch.

Every model from ON3P gets a new graphic for 2011-12, with the Pillowfight getting 30 new graphics (15 per size) to be chosen by the customer. Part of Scott’s team includes two graphic artists who do all of the design elements.

Looks like a great year is ahead for ON3P!

by Lane Lawrence