Sherpa Cinema Present: Ski Big 3

    Patagonia Presents FishPeople:
    My buddy Tim Gras and his non-profit, are apart of this project. As much as Tim spends time snowboarding at Squaw Valley, one would assume that he is a diehard snowboarder. He his, however, he gets in over 100 days of surfing a year in the heavy surf break off the San Francisco beaches and dedicates many hours counseling and mentoring underprivileged youth in San Francisco. His passion is surfing and makes a living handcrafting surfboards along with taking inner city kids to the beach and introducing them to the water and surfing.

    You can watch Fishpeople on or iTunes

    Full Moon Ladies Crew:

    Apocolypse Now (Winter):

    Salomon Freeski:

    Owen Leaper: Crushing Jackson Hole


    Breckenridge Tree Skiing By Mere Mortals

    Nice Quick Snippet On Wade McCoy:

    Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick…You get the point.

    Is this the “Line of the year” or what?

    Michelle Parker getting the goods. Oh yeh, she’s pretty bad ass too.

    Here’s an excerpt from one of JP Auclair’s movies, All.I.Can:

    Another ski season is almost upon us. Time to view the Blizzard of Ahhhs…. again!

    One sick line in Chamonix!

    Very cool video of Time Collapse skateboarding videography

    Another Snowbird powder day

    Love me some time lapse!

    Salomon Freeski TV

    A Tiny Day in Jackson Hole

    Another Piece of My Sublette Baby!