USA Sweeps Slopestyle

USA Slope Style Podium


Congrats Joss, Gus and Nicholas!

How about the Americans sweeping the slopestyle podium at the Sochi Olympics? What an accomplishment and each of their was runs was phenomenal and worthy of the gold. I am not quite sure how someone could actually judge a run that fast when there is so much going on between the elevation drop, variety of features, the speed of the skiers and the number of tricks being performed, all in such a short amount of time.

It is mindblowing to say the least and these guys talents are just amazing. Its one thing to do one jump and land it. It is quite another to be able to string together a double, a triple and then maybe a quad all in a linked succession and be so smooth throughout.

I can remember growing up and my friends and I would be searching out jumps so we could throw a spread eagle or a twister. That only lasted until the first Ski Patroller skied up and either put the bamboo sticks across the jump or knocked it down with his poles and skis while saying, “Sorry guys, no jumping allowed and if I catch you again….”

And now almost all resorts have a pipe, superpipe and terrain park. Oh how far we have come and oh what fun I would have had trying a Jonny Moseley dinner roll instead of a mule kick, let alone Joss’s now famous switch triple cork 1260.



by Lane Lawrence