Tornado Victims Need Help

 As I’m sure you’ve read or heard, the Southern states were slammed pretty good with tornado’s that have taken over 300 lives. The Governor of Alabama has said that “[his] state has never seen a natural disaster of this magnitude”. Many neighborhoods were destroyed and communities utterly devastated. It will take a very long time for many of them to recover and sadly, some will never.

Tornado Devastation -

The following email was sent to a friend of mine by her aunt who lives in Alabama.

Went out today and we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs.  We filled grocery sacks with sandwiches, snacks, chips, and water and then walked through the neighborhood at Alberta.  It was devastating to say the least.  One man looked to be in his 60s or 70s and was trying to cut a huge tree with a tiny chain saw and he was so grateful to get some food.  Power lines all over the streets, people digging through rubble just trying to salvage anything.  Houses marked with a X to denote they had been searched and numbers to indicate how many dead.  They are still finding dead people and the count is over 40 currently just in Tuscaloosa.  They have a curfew at 8 at  night that goes until 6 in the morning and the National Guard is helping enforce this.  Every time you give food and a hug, you leave in tears.  People with babies are desperate for diapers, formula, baby food and we tried to help with this also. 
Kelly has treated alot of victims at Birmingham hospital ER where she works.  One couple was entering their basement when the tornado hit and it sucked the 3 year old from the mothers arms – the mom was brought to the ER and Kelly said all they could do was sedate her – Kelly had to go outside because she started crying listening to the Mom blame herself for not holding on tighter.  Another lady came in with cuts all over her body because she laid on two children to protect them – the children’s parents died and this lady did not know them but had to protect them.  The children screamed as DHR took them to try and locate relatives – even though they did not know this lady, everything they knew was gone.
We lost power for 2 days but I could not complain when all these people had lost everything.  Please keep all of them in your prayers – it will take years to recover from all this.  As long as we have people to donate food, we will continue to feed and we are collecting clothes to give out next.  It gives you a new perspective on how blessed we all are.

How you can help:

  • Salvation Army Website – on Donation Page –  “April 2011 Tornado Outbreak”
  • Call 800-Sal-Army
  • text “Give” to 80888 to make a $10 Donation
  • Checks: Salvation Army Disaster Relief
  • Box 100339
  • Atlanta, GA 30384-0339