The Best Winter Trips of 2016

Now that the snow has started to fall and ski resorts across the country are beginning to open up, it is time to start planning. For me, the planning stage was the beginning of the journey.

Some years, the planning would start in the Summer and would get me through the notorious dog days. Just the thought of some Colorado cold smoke would get me through a rough day. Most of the time, my annual ski trip would begin creeping into my mind in earnest right around the Labor Weekend and culminate in October when almost all the details would be ironed out.

The biggest question was where was I going to go? Should it be locally to the Lake Tahoe resorts and primarily Squaw Valley. Or was I going airborne and land in Snowbird, Breckenridge, Whistler or my favorite, Jackson Hole.

The different ski areas and towns are what makes the planning so fun and enjoyable. Do I go somewhere new, such as Telluride or Crested Butte? Or do I go back to a familiar place where I know the lines that I want to charge?

Does it get any better than the KT-22 chair at Squaw, the Hobacks at Jackson or the runs off the Gad II chair at Snowbird on a powder day? Each of these areas gets me pumped up as I’ve enjoyed many a great dump there and the memories instantly make me want to go back for more of the same.

But on the other hand, it’s always nice to go somewhere new. There is the experience and feeling of just going to a new venue and not quite sure what to expect. Is it as good as I’ve heard, or better? Could I add a new favorite run or resort to my list? Can I check a mountain off my bucket list?

One of my main concerns is always, “will I choose a resort that is having a good snow year?” Let’s face it, when I am hoping for some deep pow and faceshots, there is always some angst about whether I’ve guessed right….or not.

Here are some ideas provided by Outside Magazine on where you may think to go on this seasons trip.  Enjoy, your journey starts now.

No matter how you like to ski or how long you can take off work, we’ve got the perfect trip in our guide to the best alpine escapes of the season.

Source: The Best Winter Trips of 2016


by Lane Lawrence