The Best Time To Buy Skis & Snowboards


Skis on the WallWell, the sad part of the 2013-14 ski and snowboard season is that it is halfway over. Many of you have seen unbelievable conditions (Breckenridge, PNW!), especially since New Year’s. And you probably don’t want the season to end for good reason. Here in California, we were feeling the same way after the epic 2010-11 snow year where the powder just kept coming.

Now that we are at the turning point of the season, it also means that the latest gear 2013-14 models like the Burton Custom or Rossignol Experience will now become discounted. What this means is that you will be able to find deals on the latest gear and still be able to use it for the rest of the season. Furthermore this is the time when the 2012-13 and prior skis and snowboards will now be getting even bigger discounts.

With the retailers becoming much more savvy and cash conscious these last few years, they have cut back on their hard goods stock to limit their exposure in case a poor snow year. Therefore, they probably will not have tons of overstock this year that they will need to get rid of. So don’t expect give-away pricing, at least not right away. It probably will also depend on if the snow keeps falling or not. Lack of snow = better deals. More snow = less sales as skier and snowboard visits will remain high and keeping the customers coming into the shops.

If buying a new pair of skis, snowboards and their bindings is still too expensive think about buying some demo skis or snowboards.  With people wanting to demo skis and snowboards dwindling, this is the time merchants begin to thin their demo stock. Ski Boot Wall

Why buy a used pair of demo skis or snowboard? The positives would be getting a new model that have very few ski or rider days on them at a substantial discount. Many times, you can even demo them yourselves and apply the demo cost to purchase price.

We will keep you up to date on the latest skiing & snowboarding sales on our main page.



by Lane Lawrence