Surface Skis: Live Life Review


After skiing on the Surface Live Life Skullcandy Edition skis in variable conditions last week at Powder Mountain, we decided it was time to add the Surface line up of skis to  The Live Life’s handled whatever the mountain could throw at it, even landing the biggest airs in our demo. Our strong, young big air tester gave it his nod of approval as did our “older” not quite as big air finesse tester.

Surface Live Life Skull CandyAs wide as they are underfoot (120mm) on the 191cm skis, I was impressed with how quickly they could turn. Additionally, with a wide shovel of 146mm and little taper on the tip, they were not hooky in the soft stuff. The wide tail of 135mm released effortlessly in the fluff, so you could smear & slarve easily.

Needing to get down the hill quickly is not a problem with this ski as it can really allow you to bomb the run. These are big and stable skis and this is where they stand out.

With the traditional camber underfoot, it had more than adequate grip on the hardpack making for an excellent all around ski that holds its own on the slicker surfaces. During an early morning adventure into a clean looking line, which turned out to be a “looks can be deceving” icy descent,  I found out how good the edge-hold is on these boards.

I did not make the line look smooth, but I did not care as I was just hoping to stay upright. The Live Life’s bit and after an anxious recovery turn, I was able to regain my composure and have fun the rest of the way down.

So, it can handle the hardpack and floats in the powder with its rockered tip. Didn’t have a big dump, but I good feel of what they could do in some real pow as the Live Life’s came really alive in 6-8” of fresh and chop.

These boards are definitely worth a look and demo if you are interested in a Western ski area All Mountain – Big Mountain ski.

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