Summer Skiing & Snowboarding


Do you still have a yearning to ski or snowboard this summer? If so, what are your possibilities? If not, why not make some plans? We can help you decide what would be a good choice. First, and cheapest, would be to find some local areas with good snowpack. This year, from California to Washington, there are plenty of places to choose from as they’ve received an abundance of late spring snow.  Some areas even opened back up for Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s always hard to say goodbye, but it soothes the pain a little when you do it on your own terms. Maybe you couldn’t ski as much as you wanted this season, or maybe you’ve had the most on-hill days in memory and just want to prolong it one last time. Now is the time to get out there for one last ski and snowboard adventure, as many of these areas are losing snow fast due to the high temperatures which are now in full summer mode. Moving South to North, here’s some available options to help you get in your last turns of the 2009-10 season.

Mammoth Mountain is open Top to Bottom! Yes, you read that right. Top to Bottom and has a 2-6ft base.  Hours of operation are 7:30am -1:00pm until July 5, 2010.

Also, since the Lake Tahoe area is mostly hiking and little skiing after the 80 degree days lately, your best bet for backcountry skiing in this region is on the east side of the Sierra’s between Lake Tahoe and Mammouth Lakes.

Mt Shasta the mountain (14,162)  -not the ski area which closed- has skiing and boarding above Avalanche Gulch. There is still 6ft of snow at Bunny Flat, which is where you can pitch a tent. To get your turns, park at Bunny Flats, hike up Avalanche Gulch and head for the West Face. Make sure you check with the National Forest Service for fees and permits and also to check-in. For any needed gear, conditions and “how to” check out The Fifth Season, which is located in the town of Mount Shasta.

Mt Lassen still has some good lines, but is turning to suncups more and more. So you will be earning your turns and doing it for the love.

Mt Hood and Timberline is open from 7:00am – 1:30pm, including the public park and the  half-pipe. Higher than average spring storms have led to a good snowpack. Check out the Bonfire Pipe to Pipe on July 10.

Mt Rainier has mega more snow now than last year at this time. Paradise, which was bare last year, still has feet of snowpack on the ground. There are plenty of cravasses on the moutain, so you may want to inquire about hiring a guide for this adventure.  Check out Skiing The Cascade Volcanoes , NPS and RMI for more detailed information on Mt Rainier.

Remember, even in the summer to check the local weather forecasts, make sure you have adequate winter gear and to check-in with the National Park Service whenever you go into the backcountry. Now go get some last tracks of the season. You want them and deserve them!