Summer Biking Gear Wish List


Light & Motion Stella 300 Review

The skis have been racked for the season with little hope of taking them out before Fall arrives. So it’s primarily riding season with some hiking and camping mixed in from here on.

I like to ride both my mountain and road bikes as my non-skiing action sport. I haven’t tried cyclo-cross yet and probably won’t any time soon as that would entail another purchase, although, it does look darn fun. My excuse is easy, as it’s hard enough for me to pay for and then do the up-keep on the toys that I already have. Therefore, I must stick to what toys I already own.

So what is out there that I need and can put to immediate use in the upcoming months and can also afford?

For starters, I picked up a Lights & Motion Stella 300 bicycle light over the Memorial Day, which generally has some good sales going on. An additional benefit to this lights, aside from being a good biking headlight, is that I can also use it as a dedicated headlamp for camping. I will primarily use this bright light for some night riding on my mountain bike and then for commuting on my LeMond Arrivee’ roadie once the days become shorter.

My additional items that I will look for deals on in the upcoming months are:

Osprey Raptor 10 Hydration Pack

Hydration Backpack
Osprey Raptor 10 or 14 – As much as I’d like to find a steal on a biking backpack and do a review that would reveal a great lesser known pack, I will wait to find a pretty good deal on the 2013 Osprey. On all of the reviews I’ve read about the Raptor, it really stands above the rest for its qualities and all of its features. And those great Raptor’s included features are the same ones that I want.

Mountain Bike Seatpost
A spill last Fall bent my Diamondback Sortie’s seatpost so much that it won’t go into the seat tube. This prevents me from lowering it enough during steep descents. So its time to find at least a replacement if not an enhancement – ie: a lighter one 🙂

Bike Multi ToolFix It Sticks
Will have to determine what is the minimal amount of included tools and weight. Some of the tools look awesome, but have too many tools for me and this would add extra weight. I will probably put more thought into this than really is necessary. Update: See my Fix It Sticks multi tool review

Mountain Biking Gloves
I lost my left glove some how, so now I need to purchase a replacement pair. Not a big deal since the previous Pearl Izumi’s were getting a to worn anyway. Since its still a ways to go before the cooler temps arrive, I will be going with a fingerless pair.

If you have any recommendations, feel free to reply with your ideas.


-         Lane Lawrence


Full Disclosure:
All items mentioned are purchased and not given to me unless otherwise stated. Like you, I search for the best deals available and try to find the best product for a given price point.