Snow Forecast Winter 2010-11

Where to Ski and Snowboard this season?

Across New England we are hearing, “La Nina is coming, La Nina is coming!” So why should you care? If history repeats itself, this will mean heavier than normal snowfall for the region, with some below normal temps. This will result in a better snowpack since there will be more sustained freezes and less freeze – thaw cycles than this region is accustomed to.  So be prepared, but don’t get too excited, since we are talking about weather, which apparently is a little  tough to predict.

In the Pacific Northwest, the additional moisture will be present here, that is if a true La Nina unfolds. However, the temperatures should be more on the average than New England. Unfortunatley, Northern California and the Lake Tahoe region are on the dividing line of the projection. For this area, snowfall will probably have more to do with what the Jet Stream is doing at any given time. For the central and northern parts of Utah and Colorado, the good news is that you should get your average. The not so good news is that chances are, you probably won’t see too much above the norm. Now for the southern ski areas in California, Utah, Colorado and all of New Mexico and Arizona, these are the areas that should have greatest chance of having a subpar ski season.

Long Range Forecast:

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