Ski & Snowboard Vacations to Argentina

Couldn’t get enough powder shots even  in the epic Winter of 2011? Can’t stop thinking about powder, even in the middle of summer? Well there will be  some new snow falling soon…..somewhere.

That somewhere is Argentina. The company that can take you there is SASS Global Travel. Whether you are are an aspiring teenager looking to perfect some skills, college student looking to get some additional college credits (really!) or an adult willing to step out and go get a little adventure in your travel, then SASS is worthy of consideration. And for the lady shredders, there’s a ROXY Women’s Session!

SASS has been one of the leaders in trips going to Argentina since their inaugural season in 2004. Since then, they have refined all of their offerings, including slopeside accommodations, providing you a top notch trip and opportunity to expand your skiing and riding.

Not only will you be skiing or snowboarding some mid Winter conditions, heavy lines and hopefully some deep powder, you will be critiqued and aided by some of the best pros, helping to ensure that you come back from your session a better skier or snowboarder.

Accredited courses through Sierra Nevada College are available in Photography, Videography, Avalanche Level 1 and Spanish. Speaking of Avalanche training, all Guides are certified Avalanche Level 2 or Avalanche Level 3 and have taken Wilderness First Aid courses.

Don’t call it a trip of a lifetime. Why? Since most trips of a lifetime only occur once. With SASS, you can do it again and many choose to do just that.

For more information and registering for a trip or course, go to the SASS Website.

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