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Ski Logik - Ullr Chariot's -BestSkiSales.comOver the Holidays, I had the opportunity to take out the handmade Ski Logik UllrsChariot ski. The Chariots are designed for All Mountain skiing and in the 188cm length, they are 150-101-134 and still have a surprisingly short turning radius of only 15m.

After walking into the Sports Exchange in Truckee and as Jim was bringing the skis over to me, I instantly noticed that the pictures that I had seen of them online were very accurate. Since I obviously hadn’t skied them yet and had no idea how they would actually feel out on the mountain, I was sure of one thing. This will surely be the prettiest and classiest looking pair of skis that I’ve ever skied.

Flash forward, and if I owned them for a few years and they reached the end of their useful life, they certainly wouldn’t be going into the dumpster as I was on my way to pick up newest skis. They would be going up on the wall in my ski cabin.

Even though these were demo Chariots and had been skied a few times, they were still shiny and almost blemish free. Just some scuffs here and there. When I first picked up the 188cm version of the Ullrs, I noticed that they appeared to be of average weight, which was a pleasant surprise. For some reason, I thought, maybe with the wooden veneer topsheet and very woody look, that they may be a little on the heavy side.

Tahoe had received, like the rest of most Western ski areas, ample dumps from before Thanksgiving to the Christmas Holidays. What made all of this recent snow so special, was the quality of the snow. It certainly was not the usual Sierra Cement. It was cold & dry making for some excellent conditions throughout surrounding ski areas. The night that I had picked the Ullrs Chariots up, it had begun to snow and snow furiously. Upon waking up the next morning, there was much more than an average overnight snowfall, as it had proceeded to drop between 15 and 30 inches throughout the Lake Tahoe region. We had planned on skiing Homewood that day, which is a lesser known resort right near the lake on the western shore. On a sunny day, the views are outstanding and rival those of Heavenly.

I am not able to give a full review, as even the intermediate runs had not been groomed, so there was just powder and chopped up powder covering the whole mountain. For my first run, I decided to head down a known trail to see how they would perform on-piste, or as close to on-piste conditions as the day would allow. With the aforementioned new snow, this wasnt your normal cruise down the hill to get a feel for the ski and see how they hold an edge and carve. It was a soft fluffy run, cruising through 15″ of chowder and the Chariots just floated through it in some sections and blew right through it others. Turning was a breeze from moderate speeds on and I am sure the 178cm version would’ve been even quicker, although not as floaty. With one run down, I was enjoying these handmade all mountain boards wondering how they would do in the trees.

For my second and subsequent runs, I headed for the deeper and untouched fluff in the trees. Once again, I wasnt let down, as Ullrs Chariots floated me through knee deep cold smoke in sections with no worries about the tips diving. Granted, I am a 165lbs and these 188cm Chariots provided me with more than enough flotation, however, I can’t comment on how they would do on a typical Sierra Cement day in Tahoe. Turning was easy and super smooth through the trees, whether tight or spaced out, as long as the speed was adequate. After popping out of the trees and heading back to the lift, I hit some areas that were getting bumped up and once again, these Ski Logiks allowed me to hop, turn and float right on through them with minimal effort. I wasnt able to get them up to criminally fast speeds, as the stormy day wasnt meant for that. It was a day to be spent enjoying the deep snow and the serenity of the trees.

So, hopefully, I will be able to take the Chariots out for another day and find out how they ski in normal conditions on groomers, hardpack and through crud. I am eager to see how they stack up against others in the All Mountain category. So far, I am a definite believer, but just need another day of convincing before I can make a purchase.

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