Ski Area Closing Day, Summer Reading & Ramblings

With many ski areas closing today, we now have officially moved into our Spring routine and getting ready for the long off-season called Summer. Vail reported a foot today, with Breckenridge, Grand Targhee, Loveland, A-Basin and Aspen all reporting over 6″. What a great way to the finish off a truly epic season. Rarely do seasons that have a near record snowfall total to begin, also end the season with record or near record snowfalls for Spring.

Other than California having a dry January, almost all other areas had consistent storms moving through their regions. Some great days and weeks were had throughout the year. Mammoth with a 17 foot storm and Lake Tahoe with two almost back to back 100″ dumps. Jay Peak had a 42″ day and both Breckenridge and Vail topped 500″ for the season, Mammoth with over 600″,  Snowbird chasing 700″ and Squaw Valley trumped them with its first 730″ (60ft) snowfall total. Its not every year you can give the chairlift riders a high five.

Where do we go from here? The backcountry is going to be open throughout the West for some great skiing and riding through Spring. The bike riding, hiking, swimming, climbing, floating,  etc will begin to take off. However, some of the upper elevations will be experiencing later than usual trail openings and some of the rivers will be running at extreme flow rates. So this should make for a great rafting season as well.

While most people are pretty much done with winter and can’t wait to experience some nice sunny, warm days, it is still hard to shut the door on such a momentous season. These seasons just don’t happen often enough. When you hear the locals comparing this ski season to one that occurred 30 years ago, you know it was not only great, but it is also fleeting. Poof, like the dry powder that fell all Winter, its pretty much over as the temps will increase and the days will get longer.

Where will you be the next time this kind of season occurs? Will you still be living in the mountains, off traveling for the Winter, out of the ski & snowboard bumming lifestyle which enabled you to get out on all the powder days? Its a good thing the HD helmet cams became so mainstream, as this season will have been recorded like no other before it, thereby preserving its place in history. Not just a memory, this past season will be viewable for years to come.

So, during this long and probably hot Summer, we will try to give you some reading to try to sustain you through this difficult time. If the reading isn’t enough, there are adult, young adult and teen ski and snowboard camps that take place in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. Not into camps? Then strike out on an adventure to the Southern Hemisphere, as maybe you can get some Summer snow stoke in New Zealand, Chile or Argentina. As excited as I was to ski in the summer, when I took off for New Zealand to go down under to ski, it was awfully difficult to keep my focus on the snow. There was so much adventuring to do that I tended to get sidetracked. And, Queenstown (wow) is just an absolute ripper of a town.

So farewell La Nina, and thanks for such a remarkable Winter.

p.s. Come back soon.