Rocky Mountain Underground Skis 2011-12

Rocky Mountain Underground - CRMRocky Mountain Underground had a busy off-season last Summer. After a record selling 2010-11 year, they were trying to get things under control at home in Breckenridge, CO. So they’ve moved into a new office space since the snow stopped falling in 2011.

However, there’s one problem. Already, they don’t think its going to be big enough now with all the demand they’ve received over the Summer and Fall. They have also added an extra shift at their factory and still aren’t sure if they will be able to meet demand.

Could Rocky Mountain Underground churn out more skis? Yes, making more skis isn’t a problem. What Rocky Mountain Underground does is make exceptional skis. With this mindset in place, they want to make sure they are doing everything right, so they are not cutting any corners in order to maintain their high quality customer experience and at the same time provide an excellent product to the public.

RMU is excited to announce that they have released two new sets of skis for the 2011-12 season. One of the newcomer’s is the Apostle, which has a five point design, 126-132-105-120-114, and is more of your all mountain / big mountain ski. These dimensions allow you to float the pow, but also provides sidecut to carve.

The other newcomer is the  CRM (Central Rocky Mountain), which  is an all-mountain ski with 100mm underfoot, early rise tip, flat and no catch rounded tail. As Timothy Hale of RMU said “it was a collaboration of several retailers, skiers and athletes that came up with the shape and size.” With all this in mind, I am thinking that the CRM sounds like a ski that was made for me!

The other update for this year is the  addition of the Diam EU. This the European edition of the park and pipe ski. RMU teamed up with FAS.Q an Austrian apparel company to promote the Diam EU and to get a good collaboration going in the European market. And with the way RMU is expanding outwards towards each coast in the US, I don’t think it will be a problem for them to build a nice foundation in the Alps.

RMU’s fresh graphics come from you! Independent graphic designs get submitted to them from folks all over the world.  RMU picks the best three for each ski and then allows their own members to vote on the best graphic. Members of course are the folks who have purchased RMU skis and want to be plugged into what Rocky Mountain Underground is doing. RMU sends out member emails on everything form design, to graphics, to the retailers they work with.

Rocky Mountain Undderground is really trying to grow their Grassroots team this season. They want to find up and coming skiers to promote and help out. Sounds sweet, huh?  Skiing on the RMU Grassroots team allows the athlete to use RMUs social media and website. It will give (maybe you?) the athlete exposure to find other sponsors, get their air time,  and aid them in their career.

What are the chances of you becoming part of the team? I was told RMU is looking to add as many as 100 athletes to the Grassroots team. Athletes need to submit a edit packet, photo portfolio and resume.

So good luck on making the team! And if you don’t, well you know that you are still part of the Team. Your input is greatly valued and you still have an opportunity to make a difference in the upcoming years’ skis.