Reef Leash & Phantoms Sandal Review


Since my apre soccer & apre ski Adidas Adissage sandals with the massaging little dimples on them were just about finished and ready to be retired, I decided that it was time to invest in a new pair of sandals.
So, I ordered the Reef Leash sandals, also with some massaging dimples.  As I saw on the Reef website, that the Leash’s ey were supposed to be the most comfortable sandal available. Since Reef said it, it must be true & that’s why I bought them (not entirely).

Reef Leash - BestSkiSales.comActually, one of the reasons I did buy them was that I did have the Reef Phantoms sandals that I was really happy with. These have the thong in between the toes, whereas the Leesh’s has a flexible surfboard leash strap with a velcro enclosure that goes over the top of the foot and have no thong. There are times when I’m just not into the thongs, as I just don’t want something between my toes. This is usually after a soccer game, skiing or some other activity.

The drawback to the strap over the foot design is the ability to catch the lip of the sandal on something and can trip you up. I don’t do this when I am wearing the thong style sandal.

My primary use will be lounging around the house and after I’ve done some type of physical activity. The Leash was chosen since I don’t want the thong feel while trying to give my feet a rest and a side benefit is that I can wear socks on my feet as well during the cooler months.

I usually wear a size 9.5 and so I ordered the 10, since the Reef’s, like most sandals, only come in whole sizes. I am glad I ordered the 10’s as they fit just right as I wouldn’t want them any smaller.

As for the comfort, they are extremely comfortable. Similar to the Addidas, the Leash’s also have some dimples which feel really good, on the bottom of my feet, especially after a workout of some sort. Now, the dimples on the Addidas are a little bigger and deeper.

Addisage -
So what I’ve found is that although the Addisage’s feel great and comforting right after some good, hard excercise, after awhile the pronounced size of the dimples has diminishing returns for me. Say after about an hour, I am ready to take them off, as the dimple comforting effects have worn off.

I don’t have the same dimpling issue with the Reef Leash’s and I can wear them all day. They really do feel great.

These Reef’s are made with a  two ply and a sandwich type of construction. They have a soft conforming footbed material with the dimples and then a sturdier sole, which provides better wear capabilities.

So far, the Leesh’s have held up well and they show no appreciable or unusual wear.

As for their statement concerning how comfortable they are, well I will say, I am certainly pleased with the purchase.

Reef Phantom.-



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