PMGear Bro – Lhasa Pow – Short Review

PM Gear Lhasa Pow - BestSkiSales.comThe PMGear Lhasa Pow, which are handmade in Reno, Nevada can really charge down any mountain with soft snow. After skiing on them for a long weekend, our Team came away highly impressed with their ability to make any kind of turn in fluffy snow and stability at high speeds.

We skied the 179cm & 186cm Bro’s in up to a foot of snow and they both delivered nothing but big smiles. The 179cm version was an absolute jackrabbit in tight turns and trees. Think you are ready to turn? These skis are a step ahead and are already beginning their turn initiation. You can be in a bowl and be floating some big, fast GS turns down through the powder, then suddenly put the brakes on and jump a line over and begin skiing through some tight brush or trees instantly.  When someone is skiing and you hear them cackling, giggling & laughing you know they are enjoying themselves like the skis they are on.

Expectedly, the 186cm version wasn’t quite as quick (but still rightfully quick in its category), but give you some extra length, so you could dial up the speed a couple notches above the 179cm, without compromising stability. In deeper snow the 186’s held a nice float advantage over the smaller 179’s and were also preferred by the heavier skiers.

Even with demo bindings, the skis felt light, but also didn’t get knocked around in crud and chowder. Hardpack was a bit of a different story, but the Bro’s were still very manageable. In fairness, that isn’t what these PMGear’s were designed for and these aren’t designed to be your one ski quiver, although they maybe your 75% western ski.

Who liked this ski? Pretty much everyone. Young, strong testers throwing big air, 165lb finesse skiers along with our larger testers who are over 6’3″ & 220lbs. These boards were some of the most coveted by the testers. Usually someone had to ask the existing skier more than once if they were willing to switch skis.

Our demo Lhasa skis were the cool 2011 models showing off their grayish black carbon fiber insides with clear topcoats. There is no mistake in how much carbon is used in each pair of the Bro’s.

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