PM Gear Lhasa Pow – She Jumps Version $550 Shipped

PM Gear Lhasa Pow - She Jumps

PM Gear Lhasa Pow - She Jumps

The handmade PM Gear Lhasa Pow 179cm skis are on sale now for $550, which includes shipping. Originally priced at $899, this is a screaming deal on a pair skis that turn faster than a jackrabbit.

Four full layers of carbon fiber, combined with a pintail (138-109-113) will enable you lay some huge arcs in deep powder without fear of your tips ever diving.

Last season, we reviewed the Lhasa Pow for the Handmade & Independent Ski Round Up at Powder Mountain.  As one tester noted, the Lhasa Pow’s were the quickest powder ski he had ever skied on!

PM Gear Lhasa Pow Skis

The Potala Palace - Lhasa, Tibet

Not only can these skis really rip up the resort, they are also an efficient backcountry ski. Leave your heavy skis behind and take these feather weights to your off-piste adventures.

Weighing in at less than 4lbs a ski, you won’t be too tired to ski once you reach your favorite bc line.

If you are worried about the low weight and these skis being tossed around like a noodle, don’t be. With the 4 full layers of carbon fiber, these skis have more than enough torsional rigidity for even rockstar’s like Claire Underwood.

There are only 5 pairs left, so contact Pat at PMGear to order:

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