Northern Escape Heli Skiing

Northern Escape Heli Skiing is situated in a major powder unloading zone. With the Pacific moisture readily available nearby, combined with the high altitude and high latitude, NEHS gets some of the most snow as anyplace in the world. Not only do they get a lot, it is also the kind skiers and snowboarders perfer, the kind that is very light and dry.

Don’t like big groups? Perfect, as NE Heli Skiing offers small groups, which equates to more vertical and a more personal experience. Not only that, but it also means an easier grouping of clients depending on ability levels.

One of the features that sets Northern Escape apart from other heli operations is that they use the Koala helicopters, which are much faster and more fuel efficent than the traditional workhorse helicopter that most outfits use. There’s nothing like having the fastest bird around to get you to one of the largest available territories serviced by any heli operation.

Northern Escape has access to over 1.8 million acres (Wow)! Having been in business since 2002, NE is still skiing un-named runs. However, you won’t be flying all over looking for runs since the first drop off, depending on which lodge you are staying, is between 1 and 3 minutes away. They easily have some of the most varied terrain choice of any skiing and snowboarding operation in the world.

New for this season are a couple of new snowcats. When conditions don’t permit flying, the guests will be skiing an area equivilent to the size of Whistler and Blackcomb, until flights can resume. Its nice to know you won’t be missing any skiing or snowboarding during the big storms. No down days, guaranteed.Northern Escape Heli

All guides at Northern Escape are ACMG and UIAGM certified. Additionally, a new safety feature for this season at Northern Escape are the SnowPulse Airbags, that all guests are required to wear. These vests are designed to help you “float” in case of an avalanche. Access to Northern Escape is through Vancouver and once you land in Terrace, it is only a short ride to your lodge.

Check out Northern Escape before you book anywhere else and also visit the NE Heli testimonials page.

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