Lucky Snowboards Winter 2012 Happenings

Lucky Desparado PistolaJust got the latest from Michelle, of Lucky Snowboards, and what is going on this Winter at this rising independent snowboard company.

Business is going well at Lucky and right now, and have just introduced two new snowboards to their line up. The Desperado Pistola, is the highly anticipated all mountain board with L-7 traction control. This board actually won an award in our Best Snowboard Topsheets of 2012.

And the other member just added is the 2012 Snow Bunny. Both the Pistola and Snow Bunny are available for pre-sale now. There is the possibility of one more snowboard being added to the their line, but that has not been finalized yet.

Lucky Snowboards is working on introducing more green materials into their production process. Michelle says, “that Lucky only uses Green Ski wax exclusively now to pre wax all of our boards and we send out a micro brick as a sample with every purchase.”

Why use a green wax? Well, non-green waxes leave harmful trace elements on the snow, which then become part of our water supply once the snow melts. So next time you need your board waxed, request an environmentally friendly petroleum free wax.

Lucky co-owner Patrick is an artist and he is the lead graphics designer and he also works in collaborations with Son Duong of Son of A Gun and Shinobi art group.

So far, it looks like the most popular boards of 2012 in the Lucky line are the Desperado Pistola, 2012 Snow Bunny and Lady Luck.

See Team rider Nate Clawson on his Lucky below.

Nate has entered the Nike Chosen contest  which is going on now in both Europe and North America.

Would you like to demo a Lucky Snowboard? Well currently, Lucky has some demo’s available in the Seattle area and is looking to add more across the West as they have recently hired reps on the East and West coasts.

For more information on Lucky and to see their whole line of snowboards, go to the Lucky Snowboards website and catch all the lastest Lucky info by following them on Twitter: @LuckySnowboards