Light & Motion Stella 300 Un-boxing


Light & Motion Stella 300 ReviewNot only do we list the best deals for skis, snowboards & bikes for you, we also like to make some purchases as well.

Needing some night illumination for some in the dark mountain biking and commuting on my road bicycle when the daylight shortens after daylight savings time kicks in, I jumped when I came across the Light & Motion Stella 300 for what I thought was a steal.

Doing some quick googling on reviews and comparisons proved to me that in fact, this light system was worthy for a Memorial Day weekend purchase.

If I was just going to use the light for commuting, I could’ve saved a few more dollars and purchased the Stella 150, but since I was also going to be using it on the trail, I figured it would be worth the extra $15 to get the Stella 300 and the added light output. The numbers (150 & 300) represent the lights output in Lumens.

The previous standard of measuring light used to measured in watts, but now with all the different types of lighting possibilities, the new standard is lumens. The reason for the change is that with the newer lighting technologies being used,  lumens better represent the amount of light output than watts.

Unboxing the Stella 300 was easy, with no scissors or extra tugging or ripping the package needed.

The items contained inside the package consist of:Light & Motion Stella 300

  • Light
  • Battery Pack
  • Handlebar Mount Elastic Strap
  • Helmet Mount Velcro Strap
  • Battery Elastic Multi Purpose Strap
  • Battery Charger
  • 3 European Conversion Wall Plugs

The first thing I tried to do, as the instructions mentioned, was to plug the battery into the charger and wait until fully charged before using it for the first time. Well, I looked at the plug on the charger and the female part of the battery and thought I needed an adaptor. So I looked in the box. Nope, didn’t see an adapter. I then looked back at the plug and the battery again and proceeded to plug the charger into the battery ….. and pushed. It worked.

What confused me, is that the rubber membrane around the fitting where the battery charger plugs in to the battery, did not look to me as it was a match. Well, it does fit and it is a tight fight and rightly so, since this provides a higher level of water resistance between the male charger plug and female receptacle on the battery.

Light and Motion Stella 300After fully charging the battery, I proceeded to take the Stella outside and begin illuminating my house. Press and hold the button h on the top of the light housing and the light turns on to full power.

Push the button again to cycle through the four different lighting outputs. The last one is the blinking mode that I will use for commuting when it is not dark yet to leave the light on continuously. While testing it in the dark, the spastic blinking mode had quite a dizzying affect on me. To turn the light off, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.



  • Easy To Turn On & Off Light
  • Easy To Cycle Through Light Modes
  • Light
  • Ease of Operation
  • Battery Charger Has Charging Indicator


  • Battery Charger Takes Up 2 Wall Plugs


The headlight felt light (in weight) and is solidly built, so I am anxious to see how it actually performs. A full review will be upcoming once I’ve had time to use the light while mountain biking and road biking.


Lane Lawrence

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