Kids Skis and Ski Boot Shopping

Lange Kids BootsMy 7 year old son had outgrown his skis and ski boots last winter, so I needed to find him new kids skis or a “new to him” pair of skis and boots for the this season.

Last year, he was still using a hand-me-down pair of Salomon rear entry boots. He is a Blue and easy Black Diamond skier (Northstar Black) and I noticed towards the end of the year, that he probably wasn’t getting all the support he needed out of the boots that he was wearing.

Although rear entry is easier for skiers to put on and take off their ski boots, it was time to move up. So for this season, I began looking for some front buckle boots to aid in his progress. The downside of the little ones getting better is the equipment cost increases as well.

After trying on a few pair of boots, and me pulling out the liners to get a get feel of where his toes were, he said the blue Lange Team boots felt the best. He’s not picky, doesn’t need footbeds or is hard to fit like me as long as the color is right. These are the the 3 buckle variety, so they should have adequate support for his weight and ability level. The hard part was over, so now off to the ski rack.

What I was looking for him was a tradtional carving ski. I wanted this type of ski even though they now make fat, fatter & rockered powder skis for kids for one simple reason. I wanted him to really begin to learn how to carve his turns. I thought with some of the newer fatties that the ski was going to enable him to ski fast, but not learn how to really make the ski work for him. He wasn’t just going to be able to get down the hill fast even though he’s all about speed and straightlines.

He was going to have to learn how to ski. I do admit, the newer skis really work as they really empower people to ski much more difficult runs, deeper powder and take fiercer lines than ever before. I can’t count the times that skiers fly by me and have no fear of falling, whereas, on yester-decades skis, those same skiers at those same speeds, would’ve been on a countdown till the fall occurred. So for the little guy, I was looking for some light and small carvers. I decided to get the Rossignol Avengers with the integrated binding plates. Last year I paid $50 to have a pair of his sister’s bindings remounted on her skis. Not any more. If these need to be moved, no problem as both the toe piece and heel move forward and back. Just make sure you have the bindings checked by an authorized ski shop.


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