Intuition Ski Boot Liner Review

Intuition Liners Front

Snowboard style lacing system with cinch buckle.

Picking up after my initial thoughts on the Intuition ski boot liners previously in Part 1, we find out how they fit and ski..
 The Intuitions have pull straps on both the front and rear of  to make it easier for you to slip into the them when getting ready for a day out  on the mountain.
Additionally, the liners have a snowboard style lace up system with a cinch buckle to snug the liners up into a tight fit.
For my initial fit, I used the home method as described by the Intuition Home Fit Instructions. And I was happy with how easy the instructions were to follow and the way the fitting process worked out. My only question concerned the toe box. I was not able to adequately heat up the toe box as I could not get the sock of rice far enough forward.
I tried tamping the toe of the boot on my garage floor, the rice sock was too hot to use my hands and fingers and even my  kitchen spatula’s couldn’t provide much assistance.
I thought oh well, as long as the rest of the liners received the required heat to mold to my feet and the boot shell, they would still be much better than the liners that they were replacing.
After skiing in the Intuition Liners for 15 – 20 days, I did have a few issues with how the liners fit me.   Initially, they were more than snug over the top of my foot as there was too much liner material between my shell and foot.
However, after skiing in them, they liners began to loosen up. This continued until certain places on my feet and ankles became hotspots where no matter what I did with the boot buckles, I couldn’t get a good fit.
So, I took my handy Dremel to the inside of the boot shells and I did get some positive results cleaning up and smoothing out the insides of the shell over the  top of the foot area.
Also, when putting the boots on, I had to  push the liner and tuck in the liner into the shell between the middle two buckles. This created an abnormal flex now, plus it seemed to pinch every now and then.
These were at least tolerable, but the real discomfort was being suffered in both of my heels. This was interesting to me as on mentioned by others reviews  that I have read, that if there would be a place where the liner fit may  be a loose fit, it would bein the heel pocket.
But on the other hand, it really doesn’t matter where the discomfort is in a ski boot. There is only one answer and that is to get it taken care of and get it done pronto.

Not much can be worse than trying to enjoy a great day on the mountain while grimacing through every chairlift ride and

Intuition Liners Rear

Front & rear pull straps. See how the liner molded to the shell?

continually buckling and un-buckling both ski boots.

 So I decided it was time to get some professional advice on what my next steps would be to get the new liners to feel better.
So in I went to the Christy Sports in the tram building at Snowbird. After removing my liners, looking at my boots, looking and feeling my feet, Greg told me that he wants to put the Intuitions in their specialized ski boot oven.
The best part was that he sounded very confident that this would solve all my issues. This sounded great to me. I would’ve done anything at this point, just make them comfy.
After about 15 minutes Greg brought the Intuition Liners out and had me step into the liners and then helped me then step into the boot shells, with the liners on my feet. The liners were toasty! I knew one thing good was going to come out of this and that was my feet weren’t going to be cold all day.
So after allowing the liners to cool down (to pleasantly warm) and mold to my feet and the inside of the boot shell, it was time to head out and catch the next tram.
Greg told me to come back if I had any issues. I said okay, and anxiously headed out to the tramdock with a cozily warm snug pair of boots on a chilly morning.
The Intuitions felt good, but with some bearable and consistent tightness while I stood on the concrete platform. So while waiting on the next tram, I kept the boots buckled up as instructed, flexed the boot and wiggled my toes.
Was I just wasting time with trying to save my 4-year-old boots? Even worse, did I just blow a fair chunk of change that I could’ve used towards a new pair of boots? Only a  few tram laps were left now to determine my quandary.
Intuition Liners

See how the liners have molded to the boot shell?

So  I did not stray from the tram for a few runs, in case I needed to bailout and head back into Christy Sports.
Ahh, the liners remained warm and best of all, they continued to mold to my feet. I soon felt confident that these liners were on the way to becoming an excellent fit. So off I went to some of my favorite runs off of Gad 2.
The rest of the day and all the days thereafter at Snowbird, the liners have just performed and fit awesome. Now I can buckle my boots on my first run and don’t have to un-buckle them until lunch.
How do I feel about the Intuitions now? I have never had such a perfect ski boot fit, ever!
  • Cheaper than buying new ski boots
  •  Custom fit with better performance
  • Light
  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Not everyone can get liners to fit with home instructions
  • Additional $40 to get professional heating oven

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