Intuition Luxury Ski Boot Liners Arrived

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Intuition Ski Boot Liner LogoMy Tecnica Diablo Race boot liners from a few years ago have broken down to such a degree that they no longer provide the comfort and performance that they once did.

This is normal behavior for the ski boot liner, so I am not faulting the boot manufacturer, Tecnica. The material inside the liner, begins to compress after normal wear and usage. So the more I skied, the more the material was beginning to pack down and not return its previous shape.

The standard liners that came with my Tecnica Diablo’s have had a fair amount of tweaking by me and I’ve added some padding in certain hotspots over the years. Eventually, I got them sorted out and was able to enjoy a very comfortable fit. Although, I have never been, with any boot I have owned, the type of person who could just buckle them up for the first chairlift of the day and then unbuckle them after coming down the slope after the last ski run.

However, last season, I just could not seem to get the Diablo’s buckled comfortably for more than a run or two. Thus, not only was I uncomfortable, I was usually the last one ready to ski after unloading from the chairlift as I always seemed to have another micro-adjustment to make. Not to mention, skiing in colder conditions, I then was getting some chilled toes as I was too clamped down on the buckles.

So my options were to spend a great deal of money on a brand new pair of boots or to try and test the aftermarket and just replace my worn out liners with a new pair. After looking on the net for available offerings from Intuition, ZipFit and Comformable, I decided to go with the Luxury Liners from Luxury Liner

The first reaction I had when the UPS driver dropped off the package was how light the box was. So my first impression of the Intuitions was a good one, as lighter is better. My ski boot size is a 27.5 and the recommended liner by Intuition after filling out a questionnaire detailing what kind of skier I am and the terrain I prefer was their 28.0 Luxury Liner medium volume. Hmmm, so I will be putting Luxury Liners into my Diablo Race ski boots. Interesting.

The package from Intuition contained: the Luxury Liners, a toe cup for adequate toe volume once the liner is heated, a pair of fitting socks, directions and an Intuition sticker. Additionally, I need to pick up some non-instant rice before I can begin the fitting procedure as the rice will be used to heat the actual liners that will then mold to my foot.

Now that the ski season is finally here, I should be able to find the time to mold the liners to my feet and boots. I am looking forward to having happy, warm feet again and not having to play the chairlift unbuckling and re-buckling game.

Check back for the fitting and review of the Intuition Luxury Liners.

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by Lane Lawrence