Independent Brands Ski Demo & Review


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Powder Mtn Ski Demo -

Below is the list of handmade & independent ski manufacturers that we are going to demo & review for our upcoming Powder Mountain session.

We are hoping to get on some of their All Mountain and Big Mountain skis, but with all of the shows & events going on during this time in the U.S., Canada & Europe, we may not be able to get exactly what we were hoping for. However, we are just going to be happy with whatever is available and see how they stack up in Pow Mow’s acres of fluff and side-country.

Since I and most of the Team haven’t skied on any of these manufacturer’s skis before, it should be very interesting to try so many new skis in such a short period of time and see exactly what kind of boards the indie’s are turning out these days. We are looking forward to it, that’s for sure.

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