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Diamondback Sortie Mountain BikeYour bike gets dirty doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter if it is a road bike or mountain bike, its gonna get caked with road grime or dust and mud from the trail.

Even if you don’t ride in the rain or just after a storm, your bike and its drivetrain will still get dirty. The only way to prevent this is to quit riding and that is not going to happen.

Your poor chain, which is probably the main source of propulsion is going to take the brunt of the damage caused by the elements.

The fluid that keeps your chain lubed, also has a way of attracting gunk. If you neglect cleaning your chain, it will wear out sooner and so will your chainrings and rear cassette, costing you money.

So, how do you clean your bike? This is a tougher question than one would think. Rarely do I hear conflicting answers when it comes to washing cars.

However, when it comes to washing a bike, there does seem to be some different methodologies. It should be simple so why is there so much debate.

Here’s your 3 minute quick and easy way to properly wash your bike.

Source: EpicTV Video: How To 0Wash Your Bike Like A Pro – Fundamentals | Trail Doctor | EpicTV