Holiday Gift Guide For Skiing & Snowboarding

Not sure what to get the skiers and snowboarders in your life? Well, Holiday shopping can be tricky and its easy to suffer from overload, not to mention the prices of skiing and snowboarding gear.

So, here’s a few ideas to think about as you browse the online sites.

Under $25

Why we like it: The Dakine tool is easy to stash in your pocket or backpack and you can make adjustments anywhere on the mountain.

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Ear Buds – $14.99Panasonic Earbuds

Why we like them: Considered the best bang for the buck “cheap” ear buds. I can vouch for them as I have a few pairs. Their sound doesn’t lie as evidenced by the phenomenal reviews on Amazon.

Power Pack – $17Anker Battery In Hand

Why we like it: We all know how fast cellphones drain on a cold day on the hill. Plus, for under 20 bucks, how can you go wrong as its small enough to fit in your pocket.

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Timberland Magic Glove – $9.99Timberland Men's Knit Magic Glove

Why we like them: Not only are they good for texting, but also for taking pictures when its chilly. Say good-bye frozen fingers while posting on Instagram.

Under $50

Photive Cryen – $44.95Photive CYREN

Why we like it: Perfect for a ski trip! Compare this to the Bose or Jambox and hear the difference. Now decide if you want to pay less than half the price for the Cyren.

Why we like it: Nobody wants to have cold, wet boots on a powder day. Start the day off right with cozy feet. These are small enough to fit into your travel luggage or boot bag.

Under $100

Photive Soundscape 8 – $79.95

Why we like it: I have one, and it competes very well against any other bluetooth speaker in its class… less than half the price of the others! Don’t be fooled by the low price as it does have very good base & 10 hours of play time. Plus, it doubles as a speaker phone for incoming calls.

 LIftopia Gift Certificate – $5 – $1000Liftopia Gift Card

Why we like it: This has gotta be the easiest one on this Gift Guide to answer. What skier or snowboarder wouldn’t want a free day of skiing or riding? C’mon, none.

Why we like it: Perfect for some side-country resort action. Keep and extra layer, extra goggle lens and all your avi essentials. Plus, I drink a lot of water and this is much more comfortable than stuffing my jacket with water bottles.

Oh, and Osprey packs are extremely well built with great fit and finish. I can attest to this as Ihave a previous version, Osprey Karve which has never let me down.

Over $100

Boot Heater

Why we like them: Keeps your feet warm on even the coldest day. If you have poor circulation, these are a must. I don’t need them, but I have friends who have them and they swear by them.


Outdoor Research CHIPS Bluetooth Headset

Why we like them: Answer calls and listen to music without having to unzip your jacket releasing precious warmth. Drops right into many helmets earpads.


Boot HeaterHeated Boot Bag

Why we like it: Not only is it a boot bag, but also has a heater to dry your wet boots, or just some added warmth to start you off on those sub-zero mornings.