Hobie Surfrider Polarized Sunglasses Review


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Hobie Surfrider – Review

Last summer I needed a new pair of sunglasses fast. So off I went to nearest Sports Authority, which I remembered had a fair selection of reasonably priced sunglasses. They had Ray Ban’s, Smith’s, Bolle’s and Hobie’s.

I was looking for some polarized glasses since I do spend some time on the water fishing and I also liked the reduced glare that the polarized lenses provide. I have a medium sized face and the Hobie Surfrider’s seemed to fit pretty darn nice and their dimensions are 64-20-130. I have the black frames and the lenses are grey. These lenses are great for bright days and really reduce eye strain and having to squint. I primarily use these for everyday use and also for fishing, biking and on a warm day for skiing. They have sufficient wrap to block wind although they aren’t a shield type of lens.

Speaking of the lenses, the tint is on the darker side. So on the marginal sunny days or when the sky is overcast but having a lot glare, you may wish to have a lighter tinted of sunglasses to wear. On the sunny days, these really knock the brightness down and they provide ample coverage as the Surfrider’s have a good wrap.

The Hobie’s have been durable and have exceeded my expectations. I thought originally, I’d get these and probably get another pair soon after and then trade off on which pair I was going to wear on a particular day. That didn’t happen and these became my do all sunnies.

However, after much use and some abuse, it is time to begin looking for another pair of shades as these lenses have scratches on them. Right smack dab in the middle of lenses!

Let me know of your suggestions.

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