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Mica Heli - CromwellMica’s heli skiing staff is gearing up for another season of offering mind blowing heli skiing and snowboarding. It is exciting for us regular skiers and snowboarders as well, since we know the beginning of the 2010-11 season is now upon us. If you don’t know, Mica has carved itself a nice little niche in the North American heli ski and snowboarding industry. This is their eighth year of operation and they cater to smaller groups, which enables them to keep operations on a much more simple scale.

Additionally, the clients have a say in which terrain and which areas they will ski and snowboard for the day. So if you can get a group together and fill the bird, then you can help to plan your heli day. If you’ve spoken with someone who has skied or ridden with Mica, they will tell you how nice of a feature this really is, especially if they’ve previously skied with some of the bigger heli ski outfits.

Another thing that previous customers will mention is that the Mica moniker really is true. It really is deeper at Mica! In order to help you float through the neck deep blower that Mica has too ffer, they have  just invested in a brand new inventory of Volkl’s for you to choose from upon arrival. Their lodge, situated a small helicpoter ride North of Revelstoke, is truly in a powder pocket. It is here that a combination of beneficial atmospheric factors converge, helping to make Mica’s almost 250,000 acres a powder lover’s paradise. First of all, they get a surplus of moisture moving in from the Pacific and flowing towards the region, then the wet stuff combines with arctic air blowing in from the North. Finally, the front now gets pushed up against the Rockies creating creating dry, fluffy, champagne powder. If you need a visual, call and get their Cold Smoke DVD.Mica Hieli - Darryn

The Mica Lodge and Mica Chalet sit at @ 4,000ft and are above the valley and Kinbasket Lake, so much of the fog and poor cloud conditions that will keep the other heli ski operations grounded, enables Mica to keep flying. Mica averages less than 2 down days per season, whereas, some operators average almost a down day a week.  If Mica’s choppers are grounded, they do have snowcat skiing & riding for backup, with ample terrain to explore, so you will not be hanging in the lodge waiting for the storm to clear. You will be laying down fresh tracks in nearby glades, which will not be counted against your vertical feet guarantee. When the helicopters are flying, Mica’s first run of the day is only a minute away, so once you are airborne, there’s no time wasted in getting to your first  drop zone.

Mica Heli - MikeIf you are wondering about when to go, don’t be timid about booking for an early season tour, as December is one of their highest precipitation months. And so far this year, it looks like they are on track for a fast start as the projected La Nina weather pattern seems to be occurring.  Also, if the early season dumps don’t sway you, then maybe the offer of an Unlimited Vertical feet special that is going on until January 20, 2011 will. From March 30, 2011 until April 15, 2011 will be a double vertical feet guarantee (9,000m).

I don’t know about you, but I sure would like to see how much vert I could get in. If you can’t book a full week with Mica, think about the 3 day heli trip and combine it with Island Lake Lodge Cat Skiing operation, which also receives fine reviews.

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