Have Fun Skiing, Try Some Carving Skis

 SkisSo you bought a fat pair of skis last year that was supposed to a one ski quiver or an 80/20 ski. And this year our Old Man Winter hasn’t yet let our beloved La Nina out to play yet.


Those fatties just aren’t cutting it on the hardpack. Well, with the epic conditions last season, the fat boards were a great choice as an all mountain ski. Day after day, dump after dump a 100mm underfoot was almost mandatory.

That was then. So skiing just isn’t the same this year for a variety of reasons. You are still looking to find the mojo of last year. How do yo do that?

That will be difficult and probably won’t happen until La Nina is allowed outside again. However, the next best option is to get on a pair of carving skis (Ski Magazine’s Carving Skis Award Winners) and go lay some fresh railroad tracks on the mountain. With the right skis or snowboard, you can find joy in getting off the lift and linking multiple hard arcing turns.

Do you know how to reaaaally set an edge and load the tail with energy so it propels you into the next turn? If not, a good pair of carving skis will help to  show you what you’ve been missing.

Also, to properly ski the hardpack, you’ve got to be properly balanced. With the soft conditions last year, it was easy to fall into some bad habits on weight distribution.  And this was made possible for a few reasons. First, soft snow is much more forgiving and that’s a big reason why most like to ski when its soft. Second, and I certainly admit they are fun, but the wider skis are just so easy to ski in the soft stuff. The harder the conditions become,  the “less easy” they become.

Just like there is no substitute for a wide, fat ski in deep powder, there also is no substitute for a nice pair of carving boards for  the conditions prevalent in most of the U.S. right now.

If you have a big trip or even a weekend get-a-way planned (Ski Vacation Deals), your best insurance to have some fun would be to rent some carving skis. These skis are made for these conditions and will make your trip that much more enjoyable.  Those narrow waists are really going to help you get some edge grip and provide much more control for you. Nobody enjoys skiing with the wrong set up. Like last year, you may have rented some big skis and had the time of your life. I won’t say the carver’s will equate, but they will get you feeling like you are in control again.

Another thing you will do by getting out onto the hardpack is that you will probably improve your skiing. If you can feel good and be confident when skiing on not so great conditions, then once you get back into your element, you will be skiing with proper weight distribution.

Look at the skiers who you really look up to. Do they ski well in all conditions? I bet they do. And one of the reasons why, is that they have already got plenty of days of skiing on the hard stuff. There are few skiers I imagine that can ski hardpack well without spending much time on it, but not many.

Something else to consider for just getting out to your favorite ski resort and going skiing is to give back to the sport you love. Take the time and teach someone else the sport. Whether they are a newcomer or someone just looking to advance to the next level. This is the perfect time share your knowledge and maybe spend time skiing with someone you normally wouldn’t.

You may even surprise yourself as this may help you become a better skier as well. You will be forced to think through the whole weighting, un-weighting, balance, pole plant, etc while explaining the proper skiing techniques.  Following the discussion of course would be the ever so important demonstration that you will make.