Has The 2011-12 Skiing and Snowboarding Season Started?

Arapahoe BasinIn Colorado, the big news is that Wolf Creek ski area plans to open three chairlifts on Saturday & Sunday!

With 36″ of white powder from this cold front that has moved across the West, that is enough of a base to get the bullwheels turning.

For Arapahoe Basin & Loveland, this has to be a little of a downer as they are (were) in the midst of their yearly “Race to Open”. However, Wolf Creek hasn’t decided if they will remain open after this weekend, but another storm is forecast to begin Saturday.

For the skiers & boarders though, it really doesn’t matter as much of who, as long as someplace opens. When one does, usually it means another ski area will follow and be able to open as well.Loveland Sk Area

Colorado isn’t the only place to get some early snow as further out West they have also recieved a fair amount of snow in the last few days. Upwards of 12-18 inches in Lake Tahoe and Snowbird has about 10 inches with more on the way. Brian Head in southern Utah has received 10-18″ so far.

Sunday RIver Ski AreaIn the East, Sunday River is the first place that I am aware of that has begun blowing snow as well. Killington, with the largest snowmaking system in the US, probably isn’t far behind. I am hoping for a banner year at Killington, as they have lost their base lodge, which collapsed during Hurricane Irene.

So after a pronounced Winter & Spring, it looks as though it could be a short Fall and the beginning of an early Winter. Every skier and snowboarder can only hope this holds true.