Handmade & Independent Ski & Snowboard Preview 2011-12

RAMp Peace Pipe

This is shaping up to be an outstanding year for all involved with the rise of the Independent and Handmade ski and snowboard companies. When I say all involved, I mean part of the equation being you. Without you being interested and buying these skis and boards, the sheer quantity of smaller manufacturers surely wouldn’t exist. And without the Indie’s producing a great product, there certainly would not be near as much demand for their products.

Boone Powder BambooWith all of the orders over the Summer, many of these small firms are struggling already to fulfill demand and many models of their skis and snowboards are near the sellout point already. Not to mention, the first snowflake of the season hasn’t fallen yet.

ON3P Caylor

Another reason for the high demand by the public is that these skis and snowboards really perform. Need proof? How about double digit podiums for these manufacturer’s last season in various competitions, which is pretty impressive. Names like Drew Tabke, Ocho Allen, Jess Cummings and Ross Powers are all on these boards. These skis and snowboards have not only been winners on the podium, but have also garnered numerous awards from the industry magazines and websites. Product names like Ullr’s Chariot, Lobstah, Caylor and Apostle aren’t being followed with a “huh?”, but more of a “sweet ride!” response when someone mentions one of them.

Ski Logik Bomb Squad

Its also exciting knowing that these small guys are asking their customers for feedback and then integrating the customers feedback into the ski and snowboard models. This includes the amazing topsheets that are found on almost all of these boards. Some of the artwork is coming from designers outside the ski and snowboard industry, which is creating some unbelievable and unique rides. It sure makes for an interesting product when this type of collaboration is occurring. You can definitely stand apart from the crowd in a few ways with these skis and snowboards.

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Over the course of the next few months, our product updates will come from these Handmade & Independents.

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Lucky Bullet