Get Into Ski and Snowboard Shape

Lake TahoeNow that the ski and snowboard season has officially begun, we have reached our first checkpoint. We all must ask ourselves, “am I in shape?”

This is a simple question and we should know the answer without a whole lot of thought needed. Easy question to answer in one sense, as you know yourself better than anyone else and you know what you have or haven’t been doing over the summer and up to this point in the fall.

For those that can answer “yes” to the previous question, you now get to ask yourself another easy question? “How do I want to transition my Summer & early Fall exercise routine, to my late Fall and Winter routine?” I am sure that this won’t be an issue or take too much thought for you. Good job, now you can skip the next few paragraphs.

Now, for those that answered “No” (and excuses don’t count, since they can’t help you anyway), you now have a few more questions to ask yourself. The first being, “What exercises should I do to get into shape now that ski and snowboard season is here?” and the other one being, “How do I get into a routine?” You may be thinking that you have plenty of time since it is not even November yet and all of the Ski and Snowboard Expos and Warren Miller film events haven’t occurred.

You are correct, these all of these events haven’t occurred yet and furthermore, there are only 3 ski areas open right now. So even if you were in shape, unless you live in Maine or Colorado, you couldn’t ski anyway. Think again and don’t fool yourself into thinking that you have plenty of time.

If you are not in shape now, then you need to begin soon and here’s why. Among many things, the earth, football season and the holiday season are all plotting against you.  Days are already quite a bit shorter, colder and wetter, your favorite football team maybe fighting for a playoff spot and the fun upcoming holiday season with all the parties, commitments and food are all going to conspire to try and keep you away from working out. It will even be tough for most that are in already in shape to try and maintain their fitness level, let alone begin a program and make significant advances.

Okay, now that we were all honest with ourselves in answering the questions, let’s get to it. Here’s some tips on how to get through these crazy next few months and still try to get into ski and snowboard shape. You need 7-8 weeks to get over the preliminary fitness stage and into a good fitness routine.

Fitness Tips:

  • Begin today – even it is for only 10 minutes
  • Quit wishing you were in shape
  • Be your own Santa – make a fitness goal and if you attain it, then give yourself something, maybe skis, snowboard, boots or earmuffs
  • The sooner you begin your routine, the better chance you have to actually be in shape come winter
  • Do not miss back to back workouts. Once you miss that second one, it becomes way to easy to miss the third
  • Plan ahead so you can schedule your workout around all of your upcoming events
  • Have an abbreviated workout plan ready in case something comes up and you can’t go to the club or go on a long run, etc

Reasons to be fit:

  • Lessen the risk for a ski injury
  • Lower chance of over-indulgence during the Holiday Season
  • Being able to ski the final day of your trip when the big dump finally arrives
  • Counter balance the altitude of the Western resorts
  • Ski and Snowboard better

Remember, begin today!



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