Fix It Sticks Review For Biking, Skiing & Snowboarding



Fix It Sticks I just recieved a brand new multi-tool in the mail, the Fix It Sticks. This new multi-tool was just released to the market in June 2013 and was created by a lifelong roadbike rider, Brian Davis.

It just so happens that on my Summer Biking Gear Wishlist, a multi-tool was included, so this makes for a very opportune time for a review. I couldn’t have planned it any better.

So after unboxing the tool, which is actually 2 pieces, I quickly put them to use on my LeMond roadbike, as I wanted to see how they would perform. The material they are made of is a sturdy, high grade aluminum and they measure roughly the same length as some standard multi-tools. The Fix It Sticks feel very solid and as advertised, would seem to be able to deliver a lot of torque.

The toolFix It Sticks vs Topeak is made up of 2 independent cyclinders with a hexagon midsection and a tool (bits) on each end. These are very similar to the popular multi head screwdrivers that are available. Depending on whether you are a road biker or mountain biker, you choose the tools to be included on your multi-tool when making the purchase. The tool I received has a 4mm, 5mm, 6mm hex and a 5mm slotted screwdriver. There are many combinations to choose from depending on your preferences.

From the pictures, it looks as if the tools’ bits would be able to be removed from the cylinders and replaced with another bit, however, that is not possible. Each bit is permanently attached at each end of the Fix It Sticks.

There are pros and cons to this setup. One of the pros is that there isn’t the possibility for one of the tools slipping out of the end of the “stick” due to gravity. I encountered this exact thing when using the Dakine Screwdriver Tool during our ski demo at Powder Mountain. The con would be, even though this tool is modular, it would be even more so if the bits were interchangeable.

I’ve broken a multi-tool in the past with using too much twisting force when trying to loosen an 8mm allen bolt. That shouldn’t be a problem with the Fix It Sticks, as they can provide plenty of torque without fear of snapping. I would worry about over tightening the smaller bolts on a bike and potentially stripping the threads.

Fix It Sticks Torque ComparisionAs you can see from the photo to the left, the Fix It Sticks will provide superior twisting capabilities than my current Topeak multi-tool. The Fix It Sticks are light (55 +/- grams) and  are more than a 1/3 the weight of my older Topeak tool (the newer Topeaks are only 125 +/- grams).

The Fix It Sticks do not come with a case, however, the inventor has come up with a free and clever idea on how to create one. The video below shows Brian instructing on how to create a case out of an old tire tube.


  • Strong
  • Simple
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Only 4 Tools
  • Non-Removable Bits


Also delivered was a set of Fix It Sticks made for skiers and snowboarders. I will provide an update on these sticks as we get closer to ski season. In the meantime, I’ve created my own Fix It Sticks cover for these tools and placed them into my Serfas Speed Bag to use when I ride as they are my new tool of choice for roadbiking. I will now use the Topeak for my mountain biking endeavors and place it into my mountain bike hydration backpack.


– Lane Lawrence
Full Disclosure: I did not pay for the Fix It Sticks and was sent the Fix It Sticks tool from the owner to review.