Dakine Ski & Snowboard Screwdriver Tool

Dakine Ski & Snowboard ToolWe recently had a ski demo test and review at Powder Mountain in Utah, where we were constantly exchanging skis at the top or bottom of the lift. Prior to our demo session, I had purchased a few of the Dakine Torque Screwdriver Tools, knowing that we’d need a compact tool to carry on the slopes and then have to whip it out in order to make the necessary binding adjustments.

I did not want to carry 2 full size screwdrivers around while skiing for fear of impaling myself during one of my moments of ineptitude. Included in the ratcheting (like a socket wrench) tool are slot head, phillips and posi-drivers. The posi-drive got the most use with its oversized phillips head screwdriver shape and easily turned the demo binding’s screws.

I picked this tool over some of the other even more compact and snubby tools since this tool actually had a little length in the drive shaft, which was necessary for some ski bindings where the screw is set further into the binding housing. With a snub nosed drive, I don’t think it would’ve been able to reach far enough into some of the bindings to reach the adjustment screw. This additional length proved not to be a hindrance for our purposes and also for carrying in a jacket or pants pocket.

The only issue that I encountered with the tool was that the bits tended to fall out of the slot. We were getting some snow during the testing, so there were a few times when the bit would drop out and I’d have to search for it with my bare hands in the snow. I learned quickly to keep the bit end up!

The Dakine screwdriver tool really was put to use by us, enabled us to complete our adjustments quickly and now will probably stay in my ski pants pocket for further use.

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by Lane Lawrence