Crank Brothers Candy 2 Clipless Pedal Review

Crank Brothers Candy 2After buying my new mountain bike recently, I decided to get some new pedals as well. In my un-illustrious biking career, I have really only used the tried and true Shimano SPD variety of clipless pedals. So I figured new bike means I should get new pedals.

Knowing that there are plenty of different pedal manufacturers, I really did not want to spend too much time on finding the absolute best pedal. For me, I just figured that I would look, buy & try. If they worked, great. If not, oh well begin the search for a new pair.

My only criteria consisted of being clipless and ones with somewhat of a base. The base would provide me with the ability to jump on my bike and go without having to worry whether or not I had my biking shoes on. Also, on some gnarly, to me, downhill’s, if my foot came off the pedal it would have a little platform until I could clip back in.

I always fancied the Crank Brothers Eggbeaters, which just seemed so classically simple. So I looked at their offerings and decided on the Crank Brothers Candy 2. These clipless pedals have the classic eggbeaters surrounded by a just large enough platform that I was desiring.

Although I seldom had issues with mud clogging the Shimano SPD’s, it  is even less of a possibility with the Candy 2’s. The eggbeater style is less succeptable to retaining dirt and mud than the Shimano’s. Now the cleats on the bottom of the shoes are very similar, and so they will be about the same for potential clogs.Crank Brothers Candy 2 - Silver

As just mentioned, the Crank Brothers cleats on the bottom of the shoe are very similar style to the Shimano SPD that I was used to. So after installing them, I felt as though these cleats would be a pretty easy transition from the Shimano. Not surprising, when I first clicked into the new Candy2’s it was a similar feeling as the SPD’s.

The differences between the Candy 2’s and my previous SPD’s are fairly subtle, but in fact distinct. The Candy 2’s don’t have such a difinitive “click” into the cleats as does the SPD’s. Even after using them now for a few months, I sometimes have to pull out and re-click into the Candy2 pedals. This isn’t as bad as it may sound as I will explain.

Once I am clicked into these Crank Brothers, I feel as though I have more play and increased lateral movement. Whereas the SPD’s, after a slight movement laterally, I would then hear the clicking of my cleats disengaging from the pedals. Not so with the Candy 2’s as they enable me have more lateral movement before I unseat the cleats from the pedals. Depending on which way you set up the cleats, you have 2 angles of release to choose from, either 15 or 20 degrees.

For others, this may not be what you desire in a clipless pedal. For me, the increased movement is preferable. The Shimano’s were very good, especially what I did to them over the years and through many different pairs. Now, if the Crankbrothers Candy 2’s hold up as well, I will be extremely pleased.

So far and many vertical feet climbed and descended, the Crank Brothers Candy 2 pedals have more than met my expectations.