Cool Cups for Skiers & Snowboarders

My parents just visited from Florida and brought us some cups as gifts. Ok, I can use some nice big cups for some Summer beverages and our existing ones I’ve actually seen too much. So, it would be nice to put some new cups into to play.Tervis Tumbler - Ski

Cups are cups, right? Not exactly. These cups are special. These cups happen to be the famous Tervis Tumblers, which aren’t like the average cups you may have. They are the Jackson Hole/Alta/Whistler kinda variety of cups if you know what I mean.

What makes these cups special are that they are insulated, but also still clear. Not like your insulated coffee and tea mugs. So even on a hot baking day, they don’t sweat and drip and they also continue to keep your beverage cold.

They say the same is true with hot drinks, however, I have a few months before I try that out. For now, I’m good with keeping my drinks cool 🙂

Tervis Tumbler - Alta

Tervis is headquartered in North Venice, Florida and Tervis manufactures crystal-clear, insulated drinkware that is guaranteed for life. Since 1946, the unique, double-walled tumblers have kept cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Tervis is virtually unbreakable and made in the USA. ……hmmmm, now if I could find a ski with similar qualities.

Where to buy:

Alta Ski Area



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