ContourGPS HD Helmet Video Camera Un-boxed

ContourGPS HD - BestSkiSalesI’ve recently received the Contour GPS HD helmet video camera with full 1080p capabilities and have just un-boxed it.

Although I’ve seen them being used by skiers, snowboarders and off-road motorcycle riders, I’ve haven’t actually held one until now.

Yes, its light and small for all of its advertised qualities. There is not a screen on the camera, which helps to keep it so compact. Plus, a screen could easily be the first thing to be broken during the activities that this camera is designed for. Without having a view finder or screen, you will need a computer for any and all playback of your recorded videos.

The camera arrived in a heavy duty plastic case, where you can safely keep the camera when not in use. Included were two lanyards, two helmet attachments, one goggle attachment, 2 gigabyte micro-sd memory card, lens cover and of course a users manual. That’s it. No one should be overwhelmed with the complexity so far.

A metal cylinder houses the internals of the camera and a hardened plastic casing attaches to the bottom portion of the cylinder, which is where the helmet attachments slide on for mouting purposes. The camera feels sturdy, well-built and appears to able to handle the expected treatment and rigors of an action video camera.

So far, so good and next will be to plug it in to the computer, set it up and prepare it for its first use.

FYI: In case you are wondering what the background noise may be on an otherwise serene morning on the water ->The video below is shot on the stern of a 85ft catamaran ferry  & it has 4 turbo charged diesel engines that can scoot it along @ 40 mph.



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