Contour Roam Waterproof Helmetcam Released


Contour_Roam Waterproof HelmetcamContour just released the Contour Roam helmentcam which is selling for only $199.

The cool thing, along with it being offered at a very attractive price, is that it waterproof. This is great news for us skiers, snowboarders and wet mountain bikers (if you are like me) who are constantly wondering if their current camera is going to work again after a wet day out playing in nature.

A waterproof camera means no bulky case is necessary, unless you are taking the camera below 3 feet. This makes it one of the sleekest waterproof high definition cameras on the market.

Just slide the big button on top of the camera forward and you are instantly recording high definition 1080p video. If you don’t know where you are aiming, tap the smaller button on the back and use the two built in lasers for proper vertical and horizontal view alignment. Don’t have a level for hanging something on the wall? Use your Contour lasers.

We have been using the ContourGPS helmetcam this Summer and have been impressed with its clear videos and ease of use. Whenever you plug the camera into your computer using a micro usb cord, it automatically starts the Contour Storyteller software. Then after the Storyteller software has started, and once again automatically, it checks if updates are ready for both the Storyteller software and also if a new firmware is available for the camera.

One you’ve connected the Contour camera to the computer, its only 1 click until you are either watching your newest videos or are importing them from the camera to your harddrive. One more click and you are uploading your video to the net to show your friends.

It doensn’t get much easier and its all in 1080p.


Amazon: ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder