This page is dedicated to those who mean so much to us that are battling cancer.

    February 2011

    Erin O’Connell:
    I’m Erin’s sister, Kelly O’Connell, and I will also be updating this for Erin throughout her treatment. Today, my parents and Erin met with a lymphoma specialist at Stanford and it sounds like she made everyone feel much better about the situation.

    She sounded very confident that Erin can kick this and be fine which is what we want to hear! The treatment R-EPOCH is the more aggressive of the two that Erin’s doctor was thinking about doing, but it should produce better results than the less aggressive option (a 91% success rate is really good!) so that is what will start on Monday, the 21st.

    Erin will be at Saint Mary’s for a week and then home for two weeks and that is one cycle. The treatment is going to be around six cycles (3 weeks/cycle, so 18 weeks or 4.5 months).

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    Update: September 2011

    Erin is finished with her treatment and is recovering well. She has a great attitude and a bright outlook.


    November 2010

    Jim Nelson:
    Jimmy Nelson is now engaged in “Round 2” of his bout with Cancer.  After smashing “The Creature” (Melanoma) earlier this year, Jim is once again confronted with another form of Cancer ….. and because so many of you have inquired about how you can help,  here are some details on his most immediate challenges and what you can do to help mobilize a campaign of support for him during this difficult time.

    While all of us are gearing up to enjoy the Christmas holiday, his battle goes to prime time when Jim undergoes surgery (8 hours or so) on the morning of December 23.  A team of the world’s best (surgery scheduled at Hopkins as of this writing) will be diligently working to remove the cancer that has settled into three lymph nodes in his neck and a significant portion of his tongue.  Jimmy will bravely endure removal of portions of his tongue, the rebuilding of his tongue taking from sections of his arm and leg, and lymph node removal.


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    Update: March 2011

    Jim has finished his treatment and is back to work. He is active in helping to bring awareness to cancer and to get people tested early.