About Us:

    BestSkiSales.com was founded in 2006 as Team SteepAnDeep. The original idea was a meeting place for a group of us to share ski & snowboard pics & videos, keep updated on “Team” news, announce ski trip destinations, links to ski areas, traffic cams in the high country and also ski & snowboard deals.

    From here it was decided that other skiers and snowboarders may enjoy a one stop website where they can find the best deals, discounts, bargains and promotions on skis, snowboards, ski boots, snowboard boots, ski & snowboard travel sites.

    BestSkiSales.com does not sell any of the ski & snowboard equipment or ski & snowboard travel deals. We simply list the skis, snowboards and ski vacation  deals so you can buy the skis, snowboards and winter travel deals at the best prices. We apologize ahead of time, but there will be instances where mistakes can be made in listing prices from our side and from the actual merchants. You can be sure that this was not intentional. If you find a mistake, please let us know so we can correct it on our end and we can contact the merchant if it is their mistake.

    All possible ski and snowboard bargains are not listed as we try to list only reputable ski, snowboard and winter travel retailers who will provide you the best service and attention possible. Also, we try to list the merchants who have a variety of sizes, so you don’t expect a ripper deal on your favorite boards only to find the shop has your Notchyer Fatmama’s Super Pow in a Junior size.

    Please let us know about any ski & snowboard merchants that we have not listed or merchants that you think we should not include in our listings.