Can Tahoe Get Off The Schneid This Winter?

You’ve heard it. You’ve read about it. Most of the time it doesn’t mean anything, but yet we still talk about it. “El Freaking Nino”.

However, this season it will be different. Tahoe and other areas need the snow and the rain. We in California are dire need of some heavy El Nino produced deluges.

I used to complain about the wet snow in Tahoe after having skied the Colorado cold smoke for so long. Now I take the snow and enjoy it however it falls. Dry fluff to wet soup, it makes no difference to me. I will ski it and revel in it.

And this season, I will even accept the rain if that is how it lands. We need the precip that bad. If that happens, I will do what I’ve done the past few seasons. I will ride my road and mountain bikes more.

Read Open Snow’s take on the upcoming season and their predictions. If you are looking for the best weather source in Tahoe, you need to follow Bryan Allegretto.

The Tahoe Daily Snow | OpenSnow