Budfits Earphone Holder Review

After buying a new pair of earphones to listen to my favorite tunes while skiing, running, working out or just chilling, I was disappointed. These new earbuds, that came with 3 different sizes of replaceable silicon ear canal ……had an issue. I am not sure if the composition of the materials had changed or if my ear canals had changed since my last purchase. While doing almost anything but sitting, the new earphones just wouldn’t stay in my ears. It wasn’t just the left or the right one, they both would get loose and fall out. I tried all three sizes and none of them worked. Part of the frustration was that they were comfortable and felt secure and then with little warning,  out they would come.

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Braided Cord & iPod Cord

So, I picked up a pair of the Budfits, which are an earbud holder made for the active person who didn’t want to put up with the aforementioned scenario. These appear to made out of a silicon material and are opaque in color. They are a little stiffer than I thought (they looked soft to me in the package), but after trying them on, they none the less were comfortable.

One of the things I noticed was that the Budfits make the cheap earphones packaged with iPods, Zunes, mp3 players more comfortable. The Budfits enable you to move and position the earphones more than the earphones could be by themselves. To me, it was always, “if they don’t fit, I gotta cram’em in there a little further”. With the Budfits, you don’t have to cram’em in.

The way the earphones slide into the Budfits, you have the ability to change the angle and how much of the earpiece is actually in your ear. So if you need to listen to something other than your music, just swivel the earpiece. Another thing that surprised me was that they did not interfere or feel awkward when I would wear my sunglasses. The Budfits sat tight enough to the earlobe side and the glasses alongside.

I tried the Budfits with both the iPod earphones and also with some higher quality earphones with a braided cord. The braided cord is a little thicker and didn’t fit as well in the canal where it gets tucked into, but it did fit and was functional. On the Budfits website, it does state Budfits are for ipod earpieces only, but this is probably so you won’t be disappointed if other cords do not fit as well.

As for active sports, the Budfits work perfectly. If you don’t need to wear them all the time, then they will work for you during high movement activities. Now I am not into aerials, however, I feel these would work even for inverted movements. So no issues should be encountered with running, walking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding.


Budfits Pros:

  • Comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Most Important… They Work!

Budfits Cons:

  • Another Accessory to Buy
  • Over The Ear May Not Be Comfy For Everyone


Final Comment:

The Budfits are BestSkiSales.com Approved

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