BudFits Earphone Holder Review Follow Up

Budfits Earphone Holder ReviewSo it has been over a year since I reviewed the BudFits earphone holders from Innovelis. I am still using them regularly and am happy with their performance.

The soft plastic is still plyable and not brittle and they are still the same opaque-ness that they were when I first un-packaged them. They have not yellowed or become dis-colored in any way.

The only time they become somewhat cumbersome is when I go out for a run during the middle of the day. During this time, I have a hat or visor on, along with sunglasses and the budfits. So that is a lot of “stuff” that is between the top of my earlobe and head. In order for optimal comfort, I do need to take a few extra moments get everything situated just right. Otherwise, I just slip them on and head out for the run.

Also, once I am through with my earphones & BudFits, I wrap the earphone cord around the BudFits, which eliminates the cord becoming tangled. So the next time I am ready to listen to some tunes, I don’t have to fight any knots.

The BudFits certainly fulfill their duties as a viable earphone holder for those of us in need of an earphone holder during action oriented activities.


BudFits Earphone Holder’s: Amazon $8.99