Boone Ski Sales

Boone Skis has just been added to and  is a small independent and rider owned ski company based in Alameda, California. Each model has a variety of topsheets to choose from during your checkout.

In order to help promote the sport and give back to the community, they generously donate to deserving clubs and young riders. When on a pair of Boone skis, you’ll be riding a unique small-batch ski built with eco-friendly materials.

Take a ride and see for yourself.

Boone Skis

Use “SteepAnDeep” at checkout for additional 20% OFF

Alameda, California

Boone Park – $449 + $5 Shipping from Boone
Boone Freeride – $459 + $5 Shipping from Boone
Boone Powder – $649 + $5 Shipping from Boone

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