Bluehouse Ski Updates 2011-12


Bluehouse MavenAfter sustaining back-to-back year’s of explosive growth, Bluehouse Skis has opened a new ski factory in Salt Lake City and it has been rapidly progressing.  With 6 employees,  Bluehouse has been pushing out some skis since early September in their new facility.

Co-owner Dan Nebeker believes that all of last season’s snow definitely helped Bluehouse and is expecting his firms ski sales to keep trending upward. Partially to “blame”, but also in Bluehouse‘s favor, was the phenomenal snowfall last year. Many people achieved personal records for ski days and thus their skis are worn out from the long, heavy season!

Its one thing wanting a new pair of skis each season since the new models are almost always better and the newer graphics are getting more radical . But it is another thing to actually need a new pair of sticks. However, it is bitter sweet when you finally realize that your favorite pair of skis useful life are pretty much over.  But once you are over the sad part, nothing will put a smile on your face early in the season than buying a new set of boards 🙂

Bluehouse has just released a new model  in September named the Precinct 140-116-130. It is made in Salt Lake City and is a tip-rockered, stiff version of the District available in a 191, 181 and 174. Slightly cambered underfoot, the Precinct is made for deep powder, big landings and just a couple of turns in huge bowls. If you like lots of speed off the piste, then reach for a pair of Precincts.Bluehouse Skis

The Maestro, Bluehouse‘s biggest seller, returns for another year of on the slope shredding. This ski is Bluehouse‘s answer to the one ski quiver as it can multi-task and is an excellent choice for your everday all mountain ski. It especially feels at home in the Wasatch and Wasatch like conditions. (See Bluehouse Maestro Review)

Bluehouse surely has Team skiers who are primarily local SLC rippers (so you know they are good), but they do have athletes in Alaska and Colorado as well.

Look out for the Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien skis, which should be coming out later this season.


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